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The dhole (Cuon alpinus), or Asian red dog, ranges from the alpine forests of Russia to the rainforests as far south as Java, but never lives in open habitats. A highly social animal, it is often seen in packs of around ten animals, sometimes as many as 25. In these packs it hunts large deer and sheep up to ten times as big as itself, and has been seen killing tigers and bears.

Larger victims are often partially devoured while still alive. An adult dhole can eat 4kg of meat in one hour. The animal has a powerful square jaw, enabling it to disembowl its prey easily.

Whether hunting or resting, the dhole leads a well-organized life. The existence of strict hierarchies in packs means that fighting is rare. Females are very sociable and will share their dens with other mothers while giving birth. The males of pack will help out by hunting and regurgitating food for hungry pups and mothers to eat.

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