There are three different species of zebra (Equus quagga), all found in Africa and each with its own distinct pattern of black and white stripes. The stripes make these hoofed mammals blend into the natural patterns of light and shade in their habitat, making it more difficult for a predator to keep track of its quarry during a chase, especially when the zebras are running in a herd formation.

Zebras usually live in small family groups headed by dominant stallions, which lead groups of one to six mares with their young. When young male zebras reach maturity, they leave their family groups and form groups of bachelor males, while females stay behind. Males fight amongst each other for access to females, circling and trying to kick or bite one another. Within a group, zebras can be affectionate, and may spend a lot of time grooming one another.


ARKive photos and videos of the plains zebra

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